Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just Real Quick

I've been blogging in my mind. But no time to blog for real. But I'm making it happen today. If anybody ever read this blog before, you're probably long gone. I miss you!

Anyway, I personally like going back and seeing what I've been up to, so I'm gonna soldier on when I get a sec. And oh, there's been so much to blog about! 'Tis the season! I'm hand making up a storm this Christmas. Which is just plain crazy because there is SO much going on in work world that I really should set this holiday aside for letting myself off with doing store-bought EVERYTHING. But the more I work, the more ideas I get for homemade stuff....and oh, its a vicious cycle....or a mental problem...or both.

Anyway, the only thing I have pics of is from quite a while ago, when Joanns put their flannel on sale for $1.29 a yard. And I should have gone crazy, but didn't, then had to go back when it was on sale for $2.49, and went just sort of crazy. Next year, it's on.

Anyway, made pillowcases for most family and friends. Am in the process of making rice bags/hot compresses/whatever you call them for work folks. With peppermint tea bags emptied into them. They are awesome. Hopefully will post pics before Valentines Day.

Hope you all are having a wonderful gearing-up-for-Christmas season!

P.S. Have you SEEN this fabric? It's Alexander Henry and I forget the name...something about rain. I'm in love with it.

Our tree is doomed.

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