Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding Gift

Went to a wedding in Crested Butte, Colorado this last weekend. It was a trip from H-E-double hockey sticks in many ways I may share when I get a bit of distance from it, but the wedding itself was absolute perfection! I grew up with the bride in northern California...we started kindergarten together and graduated high school together. After graduating college, I ran off to Colorado to work as a lift operator. Josh, the groom, had the same thought that year, and we became friends working together at Crested Butte Mountain Resort.

Years later, I hop on Facebook and reconnect with Andrea only to find her living in CB, and dating none other than my buddy Josh! Talk about a small and wonderful world!

As a gift I put my very elementary stitching skills to work and made a pillow embroidered with the bride and groom's names, wedding date, and a nice quote - added in some hearts and mountains for good measure. I am still battling symmetry deamons so the end result was rudimentary at best, but I think they'll realize there was a lot of love put into it.

I also whipped up some quilted dishcloths out of floursack material and some purple patterns I had on hand. The bride LOVES purple!

A laundry hamper served as gift wrap - after all that work I wanted to be creative with my wrapping job! Used some cut up Trader Joe's cereal boxes for the card:

Willie insisted on bringing his rope, and who would've guessed what a hit it would be? Revelers of all ages shared in the fun.

Best of all, I got to reunite with lots of friends from my early childhood as well as my post college Colorado days...the connections between us all were complex and confusing but most of all meant to be! Here's a shot of me and a bunch of people I last spoke to at our high school graduation in 1994! The night was WAY TOO SHORT!

But oh so sweet.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Holy Unannounced Vacation Batman! For any of you who follow this blog I apologize! I just got swept up in the Summertime current and well, I don't know, didn't think about blogging much. Took a few pictures though, so here's a little flood of stuff.

First, a couple of pretty doilies (doilies have been on my radar since Farmama made these curtains I hope to copy one day) pretty, huh?:

Found them at Savers - who knew it wasn't a grocery store?

And a little story: My big brother the computer guy came to visit us last weekend. He is the most together person you've ever met in your whole life. He's a real planner. He's a great influence. Sometimes I think maybe I can be a good influence too, by encouraging random and unexpected activities when we get together, which is sadly not often enough. So the day before he left I had the bright idea that we all go into the hills behind our house and do some shooting. So we set off in the pickup over a bouncy dirt road through the desert - here are some action shots of the boys...bouncing:

Rowdy surveyed the landcape:

Rowdy and Willie set up some targets:

And my big brother the Computer Guy let loose a little of his inner redneck marksman:

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