Monday, July 12, 2010


Holy Unannounced Vacation Batman! For any of you who follow this blog I apologize! I just got swept up in the Summertime current and well, I don't know, didn't think about blogging much. Took a few pictures though, so here's a little flood of stuff.

First, a couple of pretty doilies (doilies have been on my radar since Farmama made these curtains I hope to copy one day) pretty, huh?:

Found them at Savers - who knew it wasn't a grocery store?

And a little story: My big brother the computer guy came to visit us last weekend. He is the most together person you've ever met in your whole life. He's a real planner. He's a great influence. Sometimes I think maybe I can be a good influence too, by encouraging random and unexpected activities when we get together, which is sadly not often enough. So the day before he left I had the bright idea that we all go into the hills behind our house and do some shooting. So we set off in the pickup over a bouncy dirt road through the desert - here are some action shots of the boys...bouncing:

Rowdy surveyed the landcape:

Rowdy and Willie set up some targets:

And my big brother the Computer Guy let loose a little of his inner redneck marksman:

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