Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Birthday Preview

So sorry I'm not around much. I will be when the weather gets gloomy, that's when I do my best reflecting and post thinking upping. For now I'm not thinking a lot, mostly just feeling the nice warm Summer air - yep, what I'm saying is there isn't a whole lot going on upstairs lately. That's worthy of posting anyway.

But I have some party planning I figured might be fun to share. A year ago Sunday I birthed my beautiful youngest boy into the water at home. THIS Sunday we celebrate it! We're going back to my parent's house, where it all began, and having a little shin dig, and quite out of character for me, I've planned a thing or two.

My wonderful sister in law sent a bulldozer shaped pinata which the boys are abstolutely ga-ga over. Being hesitant to stuff them full of candy in addition to birthday cake I had the brilliant idea of checking etsy for some sort of non sugary stuffing. Here's what I bought:

A pack of 20 from nwtoycrafters and it was just $40 including shipping! I contacted them and insted of the old fashioned car in the upper right the substituted their sportscar model for no extra charge!

I will also include some of these:

Recycled crayons from HippoInk. Then I got to thinking how kiddos will need something cute to take their loot home in, and etsy delivered again with these:

Just cute. Too cute to pass up. And everything so dang affordable.

Then I got all Martha Stewart and decided to make cupcakes with some toppers. Don't know what kind of cupcakes, I'll figure that out later. Chocolate - probably. Anyway, so I got these circles:

Approximately 2" diameter, and I made a stamp, using this tutorial. It's a hand holding up one finger, not in the bad way. In the "number one" way. So I figure I'll stamp that on the circle then use double sided tape to sandwich a toothpick with circles = cupcake topper for a one year old's birthday. I do have to mention, however, had I more time, I would have ordered these edible cake toppers because they are so insanely cute and pretty - maybe for Willie's birthday.

All of these things are waiting for me at my mom's house, so I'll report on quality when I get back. She did open up the cars, crayons, and bags though and according to my mom they are absolutely precious and she was shocked at the pricetag on the cars, so I'm thinking we're in for a treat!

I also made this birthday banner:


I did not measure a thing, just cut everything out free hand and slapped it on. I made it two sided so it could hang in a doorway. I like that we can reuse it til the cows come home.

So that's that. It's not all very matchy, but I'm not a very matchy kinda mommy. I think the boys and other kiddos will enjoy. I will try to get some fun pics to share when we get back. Til then, enjoy life!

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  1. Love the party ideas,and the banner especially...it looks like cloth,it can become a family tradition at every party! Wish I could come! Dee Lanzotti


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