Monday, June 28, 2010

360 degrees of aaaaaahhhhhhh

Temps were mid 90s. Rowdy got the boys to take a simultaneous nap. I made myself a cocktail, blew up my floatie and surveyed my happy place:

A tree we planted when we moved in...wasn't that yesterday?

Need to work on landscaping here:

Happy chaos. A tidy yard means no children live there, so I'm good with the chaos:

More of our cobbled together over the years landscaping. I'm so proud of it though, I wish I had a "before" picture to share. It was bleak:

The little chlorine duck was floating with me, checking it all out:

Oh, and remember this goodwill fabric? I got crazy on Saturday night, stayed up til 1am enjoying some uninterrupted mommy time, and made this:

Isn't it fun? Again, totally novice sewer, so I might as well have flown to the moon. The tutorial for making it is here. I took heed of her note that larger busted ladies might not want to sew the front pintuck down the full 2 inches. I liked the look of it though, so instead of foregoing the pintuck entirely, I only sewed down 1 inch in front. Maybe I'm not as chesty as I thought, 'cause I think I could have gotten away with 2 inches. Oh well. I also fudged on the underarm cutaway. She had instructions for doing it properly, but I wasn't sure how to account for the fact I wasn't using the sleeve ruffles, so I ignored it. After trying it on I decided it bugged, so I just folded the material down and topstiched. Not by the book, but I think it looks perfectly fine. I may at some point do some shaping of the body - she has instructions for that too, but 1am was waaahhaayhaaay past my bedtime and it was to be my last uninterrupted time of the weekend.

Note to self after looking at these pictures though: work on the posture, and position straps while wearing the bra you plan to wear when all is said and done. We live, we learn. Hope you had a lovely weekend too!

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