Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm Here, Really I Am

I've just been having a wild, crazy, fun, active Summer and blogging just didn't float my boat so I didn't do it. So there. Got some great pictures, though. I'll probably pull them out during the long cold dreary months to come. But I did want to share some things I made this weekend. It was my birthday so I was determined to make stuff and not feel guilty about it. And I did. To make these look cooler I probably should have done some photo editing, but I'm too eager, so here goes:

Camera strap (on the camera, so you just get to see a piece) I found about 2 yards of the turquoise and white Micheal Miller pattern at Goodwill last week for $1.99! The darker fabric is Amy Butler. And the tutorial for the strap is here.

And a log cabin quilt square inspired by my biggest blog crush, Farmama's post here (can somebody look at this link and tell me what she's doing..it looks like she's going ahead and putting the batting on and quilting them one by one? Can you do this? Then sew them together at the end? It would work great for me if this is actually possible! And how insanely beautiful is her fabric stash? I'm telling you, that woman...)

It was great - no measuring, just scraps. Perfect project for me!

And finally, a freezer stencil pillow case for my best friend's little boy..I'll let you guess his name. It's gonna be a christmas gift - the big one will be a pillow case. Then I couldn't let the outline freezer paper go to waste so I made a little patch out of it and will sew it on....something, I don't know tshirt? bag? Any suggestions? The fabric is good old dropcloth, my go to fabric for just about everything lately.

Anyway, it's good to be back and I'll try to post a little more as we move on out of Summer madness!


  1. nice, i like the material you've put together for your log cabin quilt.

    i looked over on farmama and honestly i have never heard of anyone quilting that way. certainly looks that way although it seems like the traditional method would make for a more durable quilt. i'm going to have to see if i can look that up..very intriguing!

  2. I love the way your quilt is coming together! I had started my very first quilt this summer and didn't get very far because of how busy we were. I am finally starting to get back to my usual creating and blogging. :)

    Thanks for visiting my way!

  3. Hi Dylan...as usual a fun and funny post from you and your wonderful mind. thanks!

    Try this posting for an idea on how to "quilt as you go"



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