Monday, September 27, 2010

Pumpkins, Projects, and Primping

We harvested some of our pumpkins this weekend, and after a Facebook post asking for recipe ideas (which netted me 20 responses all completely drool-worthy) I ended up making some ice cream and some cookies, roasting the seeds, and freezing a bunch for future weekends. It was super fun, and the ice cream was an appropriate choice considering temperatures are still in the 90s!

I bought this bowl last week at the thrift store and I just think it is so pretty. I don't know anything about it - I see these kind of bowls all the time and they're usually pretty beat up but this one was pristine and one buck so I had to have it. I don't know what it is, I just really like the cute floral patterns on it. I imagine it's nothing special, but one of those funny things that just appeals for some reason.

I roasted the pumpkins...

mashed them all up...

and mixed some with spices and pecans, then folded in some vanilla ice cream (yes, I totally cheated. But I have no ice cream maker). It was DELICIOUS!

Then I got to work on a rag rug I've been working on forever. My original was curling terribly so I've been feeling frustrated with the whole thing. This weekend I sat down - with instructions - and found out I've been doing single crochet all wrong. Duh. Must learn to read instructions first. So I pulled it all out and re-worked it - correctly- and what do you know! It's flat. I'm currently in the process of increasing on two sides (haven't read instructions, when will I ever learn) and hoping this starts turning my rug into a rectangle. We shall see. But I'm pretty proud of it. It's super fast and rewarding too. I'm mostly using old sheets.

In other news, my son has started primping. A couple of weeks ago, he spent some time in the bathroom and came out dripping wet with this new hairstyle:

He said "I like it flat."
This morning, his dad even got in on the fun. He poked his head in the bathroom as I was getting ready and stole my bottle of gel "for Willie". This was the result:

Apparently he no longer likes it flat.

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