Monday, September 27, 2010

Treasury Love

I've been neglecting my etsy shop. It got to be a lot of pressure even though I wasn't selling a whole lot, I was practically praying I didn't get any orders. I'm thinking that is a bad sign as far as running a business goes. So I'm on hiatus and only offering my homebirth shirt. And only some sizes of that, b/c I haven't re-ordered blank shirts. It seems like I should have a plan before I reorder, and I have no plan. Sigh. I even had some interest in selling the homebirth shirt wholesale. Which I would love to do! I'd love to get the message out there! But I'm overwhelmed by the regulations for children's clothing. I'm overwhelmed by labeling, I'm overwhelmed by upfront costs. Another sigh. I wish somebody would buy the idea and then mass produce them themselves. That would make me happy I think. ANYWAY. All this is beside the point. The point is, my shirt got featured in a third lovely treasury with all things birth related, please have a closer look here. You especially have to see that great crochet pattern for the educational mama doll giving birth. How awesome is that!!!

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