Monday, October 4, 2010

Phantom Friends & Their Beautiful Pots

My mom came to visit a couple of weeks ago. She accused me of being addicted to the internet and the "phantoms" I talk to on here. Whether she's correct about the addiction part or not is up for debate. I certainly do spend a lot of time on the internet anymore. I certainly think about what I'm missing when Im not on it. I'd certainly be very sad if I ever lost access to it. Meh, maybe addiction is somewhat accurate. Whatevs. I don't have an iphone or anything so I have to actually be at home or at work and in front of a computer to be on the internet, so by virtue of this alone, I think I'm doing better than many in maintainting contact with the real world and the real people in it.

As far as my "phantom" friends, I think my mom is just wrong. I understand where she's coming from though. They are people that have no physical presence in my life. I've met them on forums and through blogs, I've seen pictures of them and their children, I know their victories and their defeats, yet I've never shared their air. To my mom, that means they are phantoms. But what she doesn't realize, and what I never realized until I got a job that allowed me more reliable internet access in order to register on a forum, is that you can actually become very close to people without sharing their air. I know their thoughts - in fact I think I know more about them than most of their IRL (in real life for you non-forum folks) friends. I can guarantee they know more about me!

Anyway, all this to set the scene for how exciting it was to have one of my phantom friends spring to life courtesy of the US mail, in the form of her very real, very touchable, and infinitely beautiful pottery. This Summer, during my blogging hiatus, I sent her diapers. She sent me this:

She is incredible. And totally not a ghost. AND, she has an etsy shop - here
I'm pretty sure that she prefers paypal to diapers though...unless you are HER phantom friend. :-)


  1. The bowl is beautiful and yes, I too, am on the internet an awful lot connecting to women I've never met in real life nor spoken to except through written words. Yet, some have with time become friends. I like what you write about this and although I might start referring them to "phantom" friends I know in my heart they are real. Thanks.

  2. I am on the "pewter" (that's what my grandaughter calls it) quite a bit. I connect with old friends and new friends(like you)which I enjoy. What I really love though is,craft and literary. It really inspires me! I think for myself it's a way to connect more with the creative spirit within and without.Dee Lanzotti


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