Monday, October 4, 2010

Farmama Curtains!

I finally got to work on them this weekend! Inspired by Farmama's blog post from a while back, they aren't as pretty as hers, but they are pretty. I think I got conned on ebay b/c I'm pretty sure these are not handmade doilies. But oh well. On the next panel I am using some that definitely are. I figured out a trick to join the pieces so that the front and back of the seam are pretty. I'm pretty proud of myself. Im certain its an established technique, but I went about it the hard way and figured it out for myself instead of googling it. I don't know why but I just hate reading instructions! Argh!

Did you get a load of the weather we got? Last week in the 90s, this weekend, 60s and the rain came down. Got my laundry wet:

Got my goats wet:

But, looks like I get to start posting pictures of pretty skies again, so that's good:

Next time I'll try to go outside to get it heh heh.


  1. it's been raining non-stop here!

    beautiful job on the curtains. i think the hidden seam is called a "french" seam? i have no idea why though.


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