Monday, October 11, 2010

Farmer Dylan

A beautiful Fall day today - a little bit warm, but turning all orangey and cooler in the evening. Baked a pumpkin casserole then ignored the dirty house and went outside for some evening air. We harvested our first of four potato plants,

and I stirred up my compost pile. We've been piling it up for like three years now, but with it being so dang dry here I just sort of assumed nothing was happening with it. I kept putting off mixing it because I didn't want to be dissapointed when I saw what would surely be all the scraps of the previous couple of years, dried and hardened into dessicated forms of their previous selves, with no sign of decomposition. Oh me of little faith! Look what I've got!:

Dark, crumbly, delicious smelling compost!! I startled some mice out of a home they apparently have set up at the bottom of the bin - is this a bad sign? I just can't imagine it is, what with how beautifully rich the compost is looking. There's nowhere near enough to use on our vegetable garden, so I'll have to decide if I'm going to keep growing the pile, or share this yummy stuff with the perennial beds.

It was such a gorgeous evening I had to snap a few pics just to remind me of why people love Fall, and why I might like it quite a bit as well. That teeny tiny moon was just beautiful.

Willie caught me taking pictures of him riding his "Harley" back and forth on the patio like a mad man and demanded I take a few more, even though it was really too dark. But I obliged him as I am trying not to argue over the small stuff anymore, and he was really excited about it:

My camera really wasn't having it. But you get the picture, right? I wish I could bottle that enthusiasm.


  1. looks like a beautiful evening! and that compost..ugh, i wish i had my own yard to do that!

  2. thanks for sharing dylan. you're just as kind, funny, and sweet natured as i remembered. what a lucky bunch of boys you have.


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