Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We went on a week long hunting trip to Wyoming. I can see why people love Fall so much. It was gorgeous. Though I'd share some highlights:

I just adore this one. Two little boys after several hours cooped up in the pickup.

A really great read. Inspiring. And the salt flats....great terrain to read while driving through.

Big Wonderful Wyoming. Really can't say more.

Within minutes of arriving in the area my husband had deer and antelop tags for. Harbinger of a good hunt!

My husband, just after killing his first deer. It was so good to see him happy and at home.

The deer (and antlope - we got 2 of each) were so beautiful. We are so greatful to them for the food they will provide and for the wonderful lessons they allowed us to teach our boys.

This brought back some memories! Remember your first time "driving"? I can't believe my baby is so big...

Willie, getting a piggie back ride from dad up a hill, in pursuit of the second antelope.

Beautiful campsite, beautiful family, beautiful food, and beautiful memories. And a shot or two of whiskey!

Post hunt visit to Grandma's ranch!

A new rope swing and a little brother doing his best to help his big brother out with a push.

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  1. Wow Dylan, great photos. Love the colors of the land, and the gratitude of the hunt.


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