Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Coming Up Roses

I typed that title and realized I should have taken a picture of a rose bush that is growing actual roses for me this year! It's so exciting! I'm a pretty lackadasical (sp?) rose garden keeper, so I'm always amazed when the poor girls bloom. Anyway, no, I was talking about this fabric I picked up at the goodwill this weekend. Isn't it sweet and purty? I want a shirt from it. I'd love a peasant blouse but I don't think I'm quite up to par with sewing skills. So I'm think I'm gonna shoot for a tunic, a tutorial for which is found here. I'll not be doing the sleeve ruffles though, just the plain strap. Anyway, I'm still  a bit intimidated by the whole thing, but this fabric will motivate me, or scare me further b/c I will be so sad if I waste it. Thinking positively for now.

While I was at goodwill I also picked up a pillow. I could tell it was a really nice down pillow so I went ahead and got it to serve as the pillow form for the cover I'm embroidering for my friends wedding in July. It was covered in a pretty nice black and white floral print which I figured could be a nice addition to my fabric stash as well. Imagine my excitement when I got home and opened it up to find a backup cover underneath - turned inside out for some reason - to contain all the inevitable escapee feathers. I love the hidden pillow case many times more than the black and white!

It looks a little Anna Maria Hornerish to me, don't you think? The next day I hustled back to Goodwill to see if the matching pillow was still there, but no dice. Oh well, what a deal $2.99 for a down pillow form some pretty black and white fabric for the stash, and this lovely bonus pillow case hidden within! It was like finding a Da Vinci canvas covered over by some lesser but still decent artist years later. hee!

I think I may have gotten something quite beautiful from freecycle this morning as well. I'm not sure though, it was really early and I was in a rush to get it out of the people's driveway without setting off the whole neighborhood's canine alarm clocks....a chihuahua across the street was already on alert...anyway I'll assess the situation when I get home, and let you know!


  1. LOVE your thrifty finds,D! I am currently making that same tunic from that Sew Mama Sew tute...

    I will keep an eye out for little bells for you at the locals TS's around here...gotta love the wind bells in the desert...Nickie

  2. How cool! We'll have to compare results! First I have to get the nerve (and time - might be the harder part) to start cutting. :-)


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