Friday, June 11, 2010

Holy Moly It's Happened Again!

I'm in ANOTHER incredible treasury !!!! This time created by rockthepolkadot - a Home Birth theme:

"in honor of midwifery and babies lucky enough to be born at home." she says.
Brings tears to my eyes. I'm feeling the etsy love.

My homebirth tshirt is getting a lot of love. It's a topic close to my heart obviously, so I'm thinking the message is that my shirts should reflect things I am passionate about...excellent food for thought.

I'm definitely passionate about quails, folks....


  1. hi friend! Congrats on this. if you want to send me your moms addy...
    i can send a card. : )

  2. And, your item is certainly the best in the group! Congrats to you, it must be very cool to see your item get picked!

    : ) Maureen


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