Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend in Pictures

Because honestly to tell it all would take a year. It was a very busy weekend.
Trip to Goodwill:

Knitted another tank top, and embroidered a little heart on the front of one of them:

Line dried a sheet then played in it like I was 3:

My new "thing" whipped cream on all my coffee. It has eliminated my Starbucks requirement:

Helped Willie paint a dropcloth rug. I just need to seal it with some polyurethane and then it will be sent to grandma and grandpa. It's a picture of the ocean (it's hanging upside down - that's a "W" at the bottom):

Sat with the little guy and watched the big guys plant some tomato plants we started inside:

I did some other stuff too, I started those pillow covers on dropcloth...I've got the appliques on and am now embellishing (or desecrating, depending on how you look at it considering my embroidery skills) the Amy Butler fabrics I used to make a duck, an airplane, a kite, and a hot air balloon. The theme was "things that fly" and Willie and Rowdy got to pick the things. I also made Boone a pair of fleece diaper cover longies that ended up looking like harem pants, as well as a fleece soaker that he might fit when he turns 12 - I'm assuming he'll be out of diapers by then so I guess that was kind of a bust. Anyway, it was a nice weekend, but I'm beat!


  1. What a nice weekend! I could comment on each picture...but the whipped cream on the coffee is something I love to do, too! It makes an ordinary cup of coffee, something extra special, I think.


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