Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Freecycle Love - pretty prettyness

As promised yesterday, here is the thing of beauty I got from a lovely freecycle woman yesterday:

I'd recently been thinking on trying to find a dresser to hold linens and such in my kitchen. It's a small kitchen, but there was a little room by the back door that was only serving to collect dirty shoes - I thought I could squeeze something in there. Anyway, this woman was also offering a metal cabinet, so I told her I'd take a look at the antique dresser too to see if it would fit in my little spot. Well the metal cabinet is ugly as sin but will work great in my office closet. But I was thrilled to pieces with this dresser. Isnt' is beautiful? I don't know a darned thing about antiques, so I have no idea how old or anything, but what matters is it suits my style just right. Pretty simple but with sweet little details. It also has a mirror that attaches to the top:

The actual mirror is broken, but I'm thinking of replacing it with a chalkboard anyway - and write some nice quotes on it or what have you. Also on the frame that goes around the mirror there are those adorable little round platforms for pretty! One is broken but I think it can be fixed - she gave me the pieces.

It has this cool little top deal that opens up:

and even came with a newspaper from May of 1954 in the top drawer:

I'll have to ask her if she wants that back - right after I have a quick read!

Someday I'll have a big bedroom with a wrap around balcony and the dresser will get its mirror, some pretty candles, and go in there to help create a cozy western feel. Can't you see it with a little vase of wildflowers, some pretty bottles of something pretty smelling, a collection of simple jewelry...

For now it looks right at home in our kitchen. I can't wait to do our remodel so it has some equally pretty surroundings. For now some pretty napkins and maybe a nice bouquet of flowers will have to do.

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