Friday, June 4, 2010

Huggies Cannot Out-Cute Cloth

I haven't blogged for a few days. I've been spending my online time in cloth diaper bliss over at diaperswappers. My little guy is just getting too long for his medium clothies and I'm in the market for some new cute fluff with a higher rise. Let me tell you buying disposable diapers was NEVER this fun. And super duper bonus, I get to sell all his mediums to raise money for the new dipes! The satisfaction of this win-win situation is just one of the many reasons I am so happy I decided on cloth this time around.

So if you're a mom, you've likely seen that Huggies has come out with a new disposable diaper that is supposed to look like jeans. I know a lot of you are thinking they are adorable and can't wait to buy them. Those of us that cloth diaper are looking around in amazement, 'cause, hello? The Huggies don't even begin to compare with even the made at home with old tshirts diapers that we are seeing for sale in the land of cloth! The stomach churning commercial that has accompanied their launch has been especially off-putting:

Seriously? Way to sexualize a toddler, Huggies. And "I poo in blue"? Did they actually hire toddlers to write the commercial?

So if you mamas out there are thinking of buying you some faux denim huggies in order to harness their debatable at best cute factor, I beg you, please take a quick look at what cloth has to offer?

And I'm just sticking with the cuteness argument, I won't even go all eco friendly on you. Here is just a very small and biased towards my taste sampling - I didn't even get into some of the "heart melting, pink fluffy cupcakes and ruffles, make you wanna breed just to try for a girl and buy more diapers" diapers that are out there...

They're soft and squishy, they're wholesome with elephant and giraffe prints - they're sweet babies in summertime running around in the grass....

But, you know, if you're down with the whole gel in the hair, paparazzi posing, sex object image....or just REALLY like jeans on babies, then Huggies has got your back:

This blogger shudders and exits stage left...


  1. "make you wanna breed just to try for a girl and buy more diapers"
    LOL, you crack me up :)

    my mom used cloth diapers on us and if i ever have kids i'm definitely doing the same!

  2. I have to say it's the stupidest commercial I have ever seen. How dumb! Are they trying to be funny? Lame. That and they are pretty ugly diapers, wouldve been cuter with a tank top. A button down? Seriously? Just saw it today. Bah!


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