Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Son's Bad Behavior and Other Things I'm Grateful For

Willie was a pill this morning. Except "pill" makes it sound like he was a turd but in a cute way. I didn't find it super cute at the time, so let's just say Willie was a turd this morning. His behavior made us quite late.

Then we got halfway to town and ran into traffic. There was an accident and two people died in it. We saw the helicopters ferrying them from the scene. We got stuck in traffic, and the minivan threatened to stop running. Willie continued with some not ideal behavior as we waited. When we passed, rescue workers were holding up blankets so we couldn't see the aftermath of the wreck. I could see enough though.

Perhaps because my boy had a fit about not being able to bring a dry erase marker to school, we were late and escaped the reaper's attention this morning. Perhaps not; but I'm still so grateful.

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