Friday, May 28, 2010

A Couple Second Hand Scores

I have a little thrift addiction I've been indulging lately. I always forget to take pics of the fun things I find, like some vintage corning and pyrex dishes I got for $2 yesterday! I did remember to document a couple of my finds from a yard sale last weekend though, so I'll share them today.

 First these napkin holders. My sister had one of these and I always loved it and coveted it - just something about the sparkle! I'm not sure what they're made of - I'm gonna have to try polishing them this weekend...I can't imagine they are silver, but maybe whatever they are it will polish? I don't know, don't care really.
0.25 for all six!

I've been dreaming of some barn wood frames for a long time. I want to put black and white pictures in them and make a nice rustic looking arrangement on our wall. I see them every now and again, but they are always out of my price range for the quantity I am after. I figured maybe someday I'd score some barn wood and make my own, but now there's no need! Look at this pile! And .10 a piece!!!

Sigh, thrifty heaven!


  1. hmmm...guess I won't be going to goodwill today, as you have cleaned them out, boo hoo!! Awesome frames!

  2. No no! This was that Stagecoach community sale! I did however somehow NOT buy an older non-digital but still beautiful Minolta camera, in bag, with manual, with two lenses, one being a beautiful condition zoom lens...ahem for $5. Somehow convinced myself I didn't need to get that. I'm an idiot. Oh well it would have been another project figuring out what to do with it...anyway, no Goodwill is untouched by me for the moment. I will be stopping by after work though so you better get on it ;-)


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