Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Caught in a Whirlwind

For those of you who enjoy my blog, I want to apologize for dropping off the face of the earth in the last couple days! I've been in the middle of a whirlwind of activity and haven't had much of interest to say about anything. I still don't, but I wanted to at least give a little run-down of the highlights and assure you I will be myself again soon!

Where to begin? I suppose I could start with some exciting craft equipment news: the universe came through and I found this amazing Janome 634d serger on Craigslist for $125!!! Hardly used! I stalked this poor woman via email all day on Friday and she finally wrote back telling me to come get the darn thing on Saturday morning. I apologized for my cyber harassment (I emailed her three different times with rambling explanations of where I would be and how she could get ahold of me and how much I wanted her serger), and she told me that my enthusiasm was what helped her decide that out of all the people that contacted her, I was the machine's rightful owner. "See?" I told my husband, "my psycho leanings pay of in the end!" He rolled his eyes and kept on drivin'.

I went to Goodwill and bought this beast of an Old Navy sweater so that I can disassemble it and turn it into mounds of super cheap cotton/wool blend yarn, which I will then dye with Kool Aid! After buying it I discovered that ideally it should have a higher wool content than it does in order to get more saturated colors. Oh well, I'm moving on with the project and we'll see how it goes. So far it has yielded a TON of yarn and I still have most of the sweater to go!

On Monday I submitted my Homebirth Shirt to the blog Woman Uncensored for her Friday Freebies giveaway. The shirt sparked some controversy on a forum I'm on, some being of the opinion that it is too preachy. It made me wonder if anybody would want it as a giveaway on their blog, but then I found Rachele - her blog's full title is "Woman Uncensored - subtle as a 2x4 upside the head" so I decided this might be the place for my shirt! She was excited about it too! She posted a teaser on her fan page and it got some great feedback and people seem excited about the giveaway....which leads to my next item:

I SOLD MY FIRST SHIRT TO SOMEBODY I DON'T KNOW! A lovely mama from Oklahoma who heard about my shirt on the forum where it sparked the controversy. It was very exciting to have such a nice person for my first transaction!

Then I got some inquiries about my shirt from Australia! I'm realizing controversy might not be such a bad thing! Unfortunately this mama wanted the shirt in larger sizes, which I don't currently carry. I'm too broke right now to order more. So sad. I decided to create a Facebook fan page, so that I can keep folks updated on goings on in the shop and let them know when I am finally able to order larger sizes. I need fans! So please click on my facebook badge over to the left and fan up if you'd like!
I also arranged this great trade agreement with some fantastic owners of the etsy shop Turquoise Angels. They contacted me a while back to say they liked my Earthbound Baby shirt. So nice of them. I love their tutus. I have been imagining my friend's baby girl modeling one of my shirts while wearing an adorable tutu. This got me to thinking...hmmm...so I contacted them to gauge their interest in a trade and they were all over it! So they have sent me a gorgeous tutu, which I can use as payment for baby girl's modeling services as well as a great photo prop! In turn they get my angel shirt to put on their models, and we all get great exposure! Again there came the issue of me only having baby sizes though, as their youngest model is in a 2T. I searched Carson City for a plain white tshirt, found them at Target where they were of course out of 2T - so I got the 18 month and they think it will work out fine as their model is a skinny minny. Sigh of relief. They've been so great to work with, and their tutus are adorable. If you're in the market definitely check them out - I wish I could convince my boys to wear one. Well, Boone probably wouldn't mind...
I guess it may not sound like much of a whirlwind, but trust me, it feels like it! I think once I get my first order out tomorrow I might feel more centered and ready to post interesting stuff again. And then I'll be back. OK, I have to go now, I've run out of brains.
Small Cry For Help: I've tried approximately 50 times in the last two minutes to split these last three paragraphs up and each time, blogger squishes them back together when I publish the post - do any of you blog savy folks know what I am doing wrong??? Or am I right and blogger just has the devil in it this morning - an other mornings..this happens a lot.


  1. BTW, I love your shirts. I think they are wonderful! I wish I would have had one for my first homebirth. I will for the next :)

  2. Thanks Maren! I'm so happy to offer them - homebirth can be such an amazing experience, I was hoping other mamas would want to celebrate it too! Thanks for following my blog as well!


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