Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good Deals are Killing My Bottom Line

I believe I may be going broke on great deals. First, there were these boots:

They're Frye. The Pioneer Woman blogged about them. I had to have them. I stalked them and finally found them, $100 off, on ebay - in my color, my size. Happy Early Mother's Day to me!!

Then there was the serger.
And today, there's the one year old, barely used in the grandparent's car, Britax Boulevard convertible carseat that will take my little one from 5lbs to 65lbs in comfort and safety, $330 new, $150 to me - not a screaming smoking deal, but a very fair deal for a great seat that would otherwise be way out of my price range. And it's cute too:
I can't regret any of these purchases, but I think I need to stage a little auto-intervention here: "Self, NO MORE online shopping. I dont care how boring your work is today, tomorrow, or the next day. Thou shalt not use thy computer for shopping!" "OK, self, I promise."
The End.

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  1. $100 dollars off those boots?! and still, the car seat was a little over half off right? you have got a serious gift in finding deals and i am jealous :)


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