Monday, April 19, 2010

So Much to Say! Yard Work! Sunburns! And Yarn Dying!

Oh my, it was a wonderful weekend! Did I accomplish everything I planned to? Absolutely not. The laundry got folded but not put away, the sink is piled high with dishes. But I don't care. I just did not want to be indoors this weekend, so I wasn't.

Let's focus on the things I did accomplish, like dying some of the yarn I got from my Old Navy sweater with Kool-Aid!

I followed these instructions. It worked great I think! I read somewhere else that you need to use wool to get good color saturation. This sweater is like 20% wool and 80% cotton. I think that is what accounts for the heathered look - the cotton didn't take up the dye as well. But that's fine, I like heathered! I used lemon lime and black cherry. I'm gonna use grape and orange to dye the rest next weekend. Now to decide on what to knit with it!?

Other than that the main order of the day was grocery shopping and chicken coop moving. Groceries are boring so I'll spare you. On to chickens. Their coop is behind our garage in a spot that doens't get enough sun so we're moving it to another unused corner of our backyard where they will get more sun and will be in closer proximity to the hose so it isn't such a pain to water them. So this is their old coop:

This is where they are moving to - Steven the goat is always down to help with moving chickens:

It doesn't look like much yet, but it will. And best of all my ladies will have this lovely view, or more importantly this lovely shade - hard to come by in Summer in the desert:

And I want my girls comfortable, 'cause they give us these:

And this, well this is just a gratuitous shot I wanted to share. Its this succulent thing that volunteers all over our front yard. Things don't just volunteer where I live - well, unless they are noxious vile weeds with spiky prongs that like to get buried in your heel - lots of those types of plants volunteer around here. But this one's kinda pretty and doesn't seem to be out to maim or kill. I like it. Anybody have any idea what it is?

And I got sunburnt - I do this every year, convince myself I'm gonna get melanoma, promise to be better next year, then do it all over again. Really dumb. And I have to come clean, I drank a little of the kool-aid. It was so good.


  1. the yarn dying looks fun!

    we had goats and chickens and cows growing up...well, my parents still do. your photos make me miss farm life :)

  2. I have never dyed my own yarn. I love what you did, and I am a fan of the "heathered" look, myself. Can wait to see what they become! Thanks for visiting me and joining in the giveaway! Best,


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