Friday, April 2, 2010

Hippity Freakin' Hoppin'

These are our eggs from last year, died with vegetable dyes we made...

Wow I've got a lot on my plate lately. I've been working on some new screens that I hope to put on shirts this weekend. Specifically, I have three I'd like to have done by Monday. If I were to go and get all realistic, I'd admit I'll probably only have two done. I also think I can finish that original, slightly off but I still think they would make for some good giveaway fun, pair of knitted pants. They're all girly and fun so I can't be tempted to just keep them for Boone.

In addition to the two new shirts I think I may come very close to finishing my 2nd pair of pants which will hopefully be perfect and ready for posting in my etsy shop.

As far as Easter plans, I'm not the greatest mama as far as event planning, so things aren't too set in stone yet. We will be silk dying some eggs as I posted about here

I got some cheesy plastic eggs which I would feel bad and wasteful about if I weren't planning to snatch them right up after the festivities and store them away to use for many Eaters to come. I think I'll stuff them with little knicknacks like mini toothpastes, some chapsticks, other little weird things that Willie will love and that will also get some actual use and won't result in post candy madness. I did get him a chocolate bunny, but that's 'cause the parent memo told me it is required. I shrug.

We also have some big plans to start tilling and planting our garden as well as relocate our chicken coop to a sunnier part of the yard. I'm sure our chickens are grateful that we decided to make this move now, before the heat of summer - rather than before the long cold of winter when they would have actually benefitted from some more sun. I'm sorry ladies. Better late than never, right.

So hopefully by Monday morning I will have lots of fun pictures to share of the weekends activities and accomplishments. I'd say I'd post over the weekend, but I dont' want to set the bar too high and then disappoint. Time tends to slip through my fingers when I'm at home and I may have already set myself up for failure with all these plans for the next two days.

Oh, and to the Universe I am letting you know that I am open to you sending a dirt cheap and fully functional serger my way. I narrowly missed one on craigslist for $50 (!) and I know that was your way of telling me you are working on it, so just know I have faith and I'm open to your abundance. Thank you Universe, over and out.

SIDENOTE: In case anybody's wondering what's with the sudden serger obsession well it's partly to do with my insatiable consumerism, and partly because I found this new blog. Her name is Dana, her blog is MADE, and she might be my new blog crush. Pioneer Woman will always be my be all end all but MADE is a fling I'm having on the side. So first you should go to this post and just look through it in order to have a look at this woman's house. Seriously? People with two kids have homes this clean, this sparse, this beautiful? I'm now depressed. THEN, browse around her tutorials (tutorial tab is up at the top of her blog) and you can check out her "90 minute shirt" which, yes, can be made sans serger. But it's so much cuter with. You listening, Universe? Peace.


  1. I can't wait till you start blogging about your garden. We're trying one this year too and I can use all the advice I can get! Have a great weekend - take some time to relax!

  2. lol, I may not be the best source for help, Jessica, we're pretty much beginners ourselves. My husband's pretty good at it but we're in the middle of the desert now which neither of us is too familiar with. But maybe you can at least learn from our mistakes! ha ha


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