Monday, April 26, 2010

Pants are ALMOST FINISHED, a Preview

Ta Da! I'm calling them "Tiny Bubbles" I have to measure, but I think they're probably 3-6 month size - I'm going to have to get better at knitting to size rather than eyeballing it. I'm super happy with them, and will be listing them sometime this week.

I like the mixture of crafts - knitted pants and crocheted circles. When I start embroidering, maybe I'll add that in and go for the whole trifecta effect.

They have lots of fluffy diaper butt room, and the cuff can be turned up for shorter legs or for the baby that likes to rock capris.

I have some tag sewing issues that need to be ironed out. I just need to sew it on before I turn the waistband down - duly noted for my next pair, which I started last night. Anyway, I'm picturing them as the perfect summertime aprez-beach pant for your littlest surfer babe. They have a silky, almost cool to the touch hand that makes them appropriate for summer. Yeah, these and a pair of baby Uggs? Freakin' classic - oh to live by the sea again, I miss it so much.

But I can't complain too much, in contrast to my last post, here in the barren desert it was a beautiful sunny weekend, my parents came to visit, and that was great fun...spirited political discussions excluded.
Ugh. A highly liberal father and staunchly conservative husband do not make for pleasant dinner table conversation - can't we all just get along?
All in all though it was a great time and it is always so sad to see them leave.

It was also an exciting weekend as we got to test out our minivan's carrying capacity - more on that later.

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend as well!

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