Monday, April 26, 2010

Things I Like About My Job

I work for the state legislature. While there isn't a whole lot of happy stuff going on around here lately, there are some amazing things going on in grounds keeping. I may work in a windowless box, but when I get out for a walk, I get a real treat. Wanted to share some of the beauty with you today.

I never noticed this gorgeous plant last year:

I love how delicate and leggy it is, then plop! These big showy trumpets set right on top.

 Isn't life amazing that you can go 33 years and then be surprised by something so beautiful? Makes me pretty optmistic about the years to come.
Some beautiful tulips - the only cut flower I like my husband to buy me 'cause they last so long. Everything else seems a waste of dollars:

I think the color of these blossoms are so beautiful, like a cherry blossom taken to the next level - I love how they lean over the wrought iron fence and create a semi-tunnel to walk under:

So I'm pretty happy - seems this whole Winter thing is going to resolve itself after all. 'Course they're calling for rain and snow tomorrow....


  1. those blossoms pouring over the iron fence are so purdy, thanks for sharing!

  2. Ooooooh! Are those magnolias? They grow here? I don't think I could get Ed to let me experiment to see how fast I'd kill it... So pretty.


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