Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Little Knitted Cuff

I'm so close to finishing my first listing for knitted baby pants. Actually, the pants are finished, I'm just adding embellishment now. It's taking all I have to get to the end. If it weren't for the shop, I'd put it aside and move on to the next project (ask me how I have a pair of socks that I finished 5 years ago but have yet to weave in the ends....I have a ridiculous attention span that's how).

Anyway, last night I couldn't take it, I needed SOMETHING finished, so I whipped up this little bracelet/cuff thing.

It is in the same colors as the pants, and with the same embellishments (so it doubles as a teaser for the pants). I think it turned out kind of cute! It's sort of a girly version of 1980s sweat band things. I also like that it's summery and soft and I just love the colors.

So I don't know, I might have to add an "earthbound mommy" section to my shop and make these guys - this yarn is cotton/modal, machine washable, and comes in a spectrum of the yummiest, juiciest colors, so the combinations are endless - I can just imagine the color explosion on my shop if I made and listed a bunch in different colors. Would love to know what you all think!


  1. This earthbound mommy would like to purchase that turq and lilac cuff ya got goin' there! (must be the mermaid in me). Do you have it listed in the etsy store yet? Let me know. Great idea, Dylan!

    cuz cuz Nickie

  2. Oh thanks for the good feedback Nickie! I was worried, 'cause I didnt get a word about it yesterday. But I'm gonna make them b/c I just love them. I actually am going to make some a tad smaller - b/c as big as my wrist is, it was sliding around too much for me by the end of the day - except I should probably wash it first to see how much it shrinks. In any case I will let you know immediately when I get it figured out and get one in the mail to you! Gratis - your prize for first to like it ;-)


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