Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Embroidery Fun on Etsy and An Amazing Quilt Block Listing

So I've actually been really good lately about not spending money like a wild woman. I've been downright frugal. I haven't even visited Goodwill in a couple of weeks. But, as I predicted, the embroidery bug has caught. And I had to just take a quick peek and search embroidery hoops on Etsy. And I found this:

It was $7.50 including shipping. And there's that beautiful lace, and that old funky broke down quilt block. And the buttons - my etsy search turned up some amazing emroidery hoop art with buttons, so I'm inspired to give that a try. So it's mine now. As are these:

...which are nothin' fancy, but I think they'll do for wall hangings and my goodness all 8 of them were a buck, well 3 including shipping, but that beats the heck out of the ones at Joanns. EDIT: Well file that under "too good to be true" - the seller just emailed me to ask which one I wanted. Guess "8 embroidery hoops 1 dollar" means 1 dollar each. Oh well, she refunded me my money right away, so I have $3 of my frugality back.

So there I got my little fix for $10.50 $7.50 and am stocked to the ears with emroidery hoops and other embellishments. Can't wait to get my paws on them and start stitching away. I have had plans for birthday presents, belated Mother's Day gifts, little man bedroom decorations...darn it, all this crossing out is making me sad that I'm not getting all those hoops after all :-(

Inspired by that first purchase I also did a quick search for quilt blocks - nothing in my price range (free) that I could get, but were I less monetarily challenged, my finger would have punched "add to cart" on this listing before my brain ever knew what happened:


Evidently the shop owner found these at an estate sale in Wisconsin. If ever there were a reason to live in the midwest, folks, I'd say this is it. I just love that top block in the picture on the left - that white and aqua and green paisley/floral pattern? And she says they're from vintage feedsack fabric. Really, they made feedsacks from this stuff? Talk about the good old days. How lovely. Anyway, I wish I knew the person that ultimately buys this lot, b/c I would LOVE to take a gander at the finished product.


  1. ooo those quilt blocks are grandmother's flower garden....i've made about 30+ of them from a vintage fabric stash i inherited but have never gotten around to putting them together as a finished quilt...someday when i have time for my own projects!!

  2. yes, Kat, you should get on that or else someday your beautiful blocks will be sitting in a pile somewhere waiting for somebody else to put them together! Just definitely blog about it when you do, I'm dying to see somebody complete one!


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