Friday, May 7, 2010

Pioneer Woman's Super Cool Roll-Over Photo Trick Demystified!

Please note the pics at left have nothing to do with the trick I'm linking you to and discussing in this post - no rollover fun here - they have more to to with my general opinion that a post is not a post without pictures and my desire to mess around with photobucket editing tools, oh and the fact that my goat is just stinkin' cute.

Not a ton to post about today, I'm preparing for a banner weekend what with Mother's Day and Little Big Man's birthday party, the arrival of my Mother in Law and Sister in Law this I'll have lots to say on Monday I'm sure.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a photo trick with my fellow bloggers, in case you missed Pioneer Woman's post this morning.

It's her "Butterfly Trick" that allows you to roll over a photo and have and element of the photo change. In her case she had a picture of her dog about to eat a castrated calf testicle, and she thought perhaps not all her readers would like to see said calf testicle. Having eaten freshly cut calf testicles I myself was not averse....but I digress. She did some conjuring which made it so the picture you see has a big ol' Butterfly covering the calf nut, but when you roll your cursor over the butterfly it disappears, revealing the offending reproductive organ.

If you are interested in harnessing this particular bit of blog how-to ephemera

(here's the definition for that word in case you, like me, weren't sure if it fit this context and thought you might look it up: 2.ephemera, items designed to be useful or important for only a short time, esp. pamphlets, notices, tickets, etc. - so I guess it fits the context if you only plan on using the technique for a short time. or not. I'm not sure..)
check her post out here. It's just a bit of cut and paste code you add to your post. Doing that code manipulating always makes me feel so grown up and tech savy - I'll be looking for something gross to post just to try it out soon...Oh! Fat Baxter has a particularly ugly wound on his leg from apparently being attacked by another dog whilst galavanting around the neighborhood last week. Some of you may be interested...some not. I think I've found my very own butterfly-trick application!

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