Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sigh, Splutter, Clang, Bang, Silence....My Etsy Shop

My poor neglected little shop. It is suffering my inability to concentrate. I have so many projects on my to do list, and making screens for my shirt is not high on it. I love thinking up ideas for shirts, I just don't enjoy making the screens for them. There is so much work and so much potential for failure involved that I become easily distracted by projects I can finish in a shorter period of time, with more enjoyment, and a better chance of success. Like this, I finished that little knitted tank I talked about on Friday (please excuse the flash photography, I was just meaning to put it on a quick forum post):

It is very pink. I'm working on the assumption that 3 year old girls like pink. I'm afraid it is going to be way to big, but it is adjustable to a pretty large degree so we'll just cross our fingers on that one.
I did make some shirts this weekend. I had a request for a waterbirth shirt, so I made a nice design, I tested it and found there were a lot of speckles so I repainted the screen and then didn't bother with a retest. And it shows...lots of speckles. And the lettering is not centered, which I totally didn't notice on the screen. And the lettering got smushy, which it didn't on my test run.

Sigh. I still like the overall design, I just wish I had retested and that my lettering could be more consistent.
I love quails, so I've been working on a quail shirt for a while. This weekend I made this one, which I fancy a Father's Day shirt. Last year I got hubby a quail daddy belt buckle for Father's Day, so I guess you can say I'm consistent. Quails to me equal Father's Day motif. I really like the way the shirt came out, minus some speckles, and I don't know if it will fit well on the 0-3 month and 3-6 month shirts so that is an issue I have to figure out. Where I put the quails on the shirt makes it looks better on upright kiddos, so our non-upright little guy had to get stretched out for this photo op.

I love the picture - Daddy's holding him up, so it goes along with the whole Father's Day theme.

Then Boone got a little fussy so he really lived up to the title of this last design, which also has speckle issues:

and smushy lettering issues. Double sigh. I don't know. I love where I'm going with it, but feel like maybe it isn't quite there, as in ready to list with these photos, but if that's the case I've used up three shirts for nothing and that is just depressing and enough to make me want to take another extended break from the etsy business.

I don't get many comments on this blog, but if you're passing through and have read this far, I would love a second of your time to get your opinion on these shirts. Do you think they'd pass for a listing? Are the speckles awful, or do they give an artistic slant to them, kind of a stamped appearance? I'm just too close to the whole thing to have any perspective I think. So I'd love your thoughts, You can't hurt my feelings. I'm a rock. I'm an island. I'm a Simon and Garfunkle fan. 

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  1. LOVE the quail shirt. For tiny shirts just use the smaller quail. Most of all, I love that beautiful Boone body that I want to hug big time! Dylan, your blog is just terrific. It is so professional and easy to read in fact, as a reader I just want to read MORE. Like a good book, eh? (Jamie and Clare where are you???) I am a big fan of tutes so I am always glad that someone else has found a great tute. I may even convince Jon and Gwyn to go for cloth dipes and I will make covers! who knew that polar fleece would be the fabric of choice??? And so many great colors and patterns to choose from!

    Keep up the most excellent work, dear one...Nickie


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