Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When You Take Bad Weather Personally.....

It can lead to a lot of pouting. Like this:

Except he's pouting for some other reason. I think it had to do with a bungee cord he wanted to bury and his father said no. Really I just love the outfit he put together and was looking for an excuse to post it for you.
When Yours Truly pouts, I guess it looks like no blogging for a few days. I was afraid I'd offend somebody with my negative outlook. My gloom and doom is extra ridiculous b/c it's actually really nice outside right now. But the forecast is rain and cold starting Saturday. I'm pouting pre-emptively. I should really just stop watching the news, nothing good comes of it.
On happier topics, LAST weekend was warm, sunny and spectacular. We even went to set up our little above ground pool - and came to find out that mice apparently eat vinyl. The bottom has a  handful of wholes chewed out of it. Vermin! My husband considered releasing the snake in his garage. Perhaps effective rodent control. Certainly effective spouse deterrent. But then one day he might need me to fetch him a tool out of there, and that would not be happening.
So we did not set up the pool. It would not have held water. But we did play in the grass:

We rolled in the grass and tried to take pictures of little ones that were laying on our knees in bright yellow shirts that looked so cool against the increasingly gray sky:

It would look cooler if I edited the exposure, but I'm still kind of pouting and not caring about these things. We even roasted marshmallows - I used to be a burn 'em and eat 'em kind of girl, but now I'm more interested in the artistry of a perfectly browned marshmallow:

And then an actual thunderstorm moved in, with rain and lighting and cracks and pops and roars of thunder:

It was great at the time, when I thought it was nature's LAST and FINAL weather until November. But it wasn't, so looking back it just kind of makes me mad.

One thing I forgot to photograph is some rousing success on the screen making front. I've almost got my new technique down and two new designs on the way! Hopefully shirts will be made this week and photographed this weekend. Not outdoor photos though, oh no, that might cheer me up or something.

Did I mention I have a cold and can feel my vocal chords vibrating in my nose when I talk?

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