Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh My. Oh Geez. Oh, Be Still My Heart. Some Curtains

See them HERE

I'd love to post a pic of them just to bring a little beauty to my page, but I feel gross about it b/c it isn't my pretty, its Farmamas - they are so gorgeous. I did however make haste towards ebay and got these (terrible picture, I'm assuming they aren't so blurry in real life):

and will be stopping by the Goodwill to see if the floral pattern vintage sheet I've been studiously ignoring for weeks is still there. These curtains will be perfect in my office/craft room - all cheery and girly. I'm giddy with excitement.

I have to direct you to another blog that I added to my blog list today. I started out the day on an "I bet I could make a painted dropcloth rug with Willie one of these weekends" kick, and searched the internet for ideas/inspiration/things to know from people who have been there done that, and found her blog somewhere along the line. Now, I'm still going to do the rug thing, but I will also be doing some pillow covers inspired by her tablecloth, which you can peak at here. Pretty, no? I have some Amy Butler patterns laying around, I've been to afraid to touch a scissor to them for fear I will create some botched garment with her beautiful fabric and never forgive cutting out some simple animal shapes should be a nice little starter project for me. The pillow covers will be for a very motley collection of some of the most comfortable couch pillows you've ever laid your head on - it will be really nice to cover them in a coordinating color scheme.

And lest you fear I am a hopeless starter of projects that will never be finished I, um, well, I am. But I finished that starter embroidery project, right? And I've started another, which has a deadline, so I'll be showing you that soon too. And I really, really, really am thinking I can crank out these dropcloth pillow covers this weekend. The weather is going to be crappy after all.

Oh, and in the next couple of weeks I'm gonna knit this for my best friend's little girl.


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  1. those are crazy awesome curtains—you always link to the best blogs!

    best of luck to you on all your projects. i feel a little inundated myself and have such big plans for the shop and my own things...if only i could work on creating more time in the day!!!


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