Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Baby Turned Four Yesterday

And he had one heck of a weekend. The neighbor hooked up this wagon to the back of his new ride on mower and took the boys for a ride.

Then he got to go with Papa to pick up Grandma Pam and Aunti Desi at the airport. After which Auntie Desi took him to the Carnival

Auntie Desi is an amazing human being. She kept her head through this whole breeding stage of life and decided to go child-free. Willie reaps the benefits of her resulting love for and patience with and energy for his four year old self. I mean, the woman rode the roller coaster. Need I say more? We LOVE Auntie Desi.

Then there was the whole party thing, celebrated two days before the actual birthday. My parents sent a mini-trampoline. Rave reviews.

Birthday boy even gave his little brother a bounce or two

There was decoration by Hank and Hunt

and my Never Fails Yummier Than Yummy The Only Cake I've Ever Craved On My Birthday Since I Was Eight Years Old Mint Chocolate Whipped Cream on Angel Food It Ain't Too Pretty But Man Your Mouth Can't Tell Cake

There were amazing and wonderful gifts, including this cherry red gem courtesy of, you guessed it, Auntie Desi:

Working PA system folks.

Then it was Mother's Day and it was MY turn to get spoiled. Me and Grandma Pam opted for a lovely breakfast followed by a little road trip through the country. The next day Auntie and Grandma left and we were a little adrift without their company. It was the for real birthday but the party was over. My little man woke up grumpy from a nap and had a little fit over something silly. Kinda like he used to do when he was three just a few days ago. And I took him on my lap and cuddled him and kissed him and loved him 'cause I'm never sure if its the last time he'll let me do these things...

I said hello to my boy and tried to say goodbye to my baby

But I can't, not quite yet. Maybe on his 20th birthday?

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