Monday, May 24, 2010

When Babies Attack

It starts out innocently enough, scooting yourself into mom and dad's room and trying to close the door so you can play with the curain rod that's leaning in the corner behind it, and try to crawl for the first time in privacy....then it escalates when you see they're watching you...


  1. This blog makes my day everytime I read it!!!

  2. WOW!!! You are an amazing woman, little chicken!!!! I thought I accomplished a lot by getting the "old man" out in our yard/"field" today to do some weed (that's putting it mildly!!! these "weeds" are up to our shoulders and thick as thieves!!! So much rain!! I guess global warming is a fact!! Anyway - In the space of time that I used the pitchfork and upended a bunch of tenacious nasty weeds, you had created this absolutely amazing blog report, along with having taken pictures, done art work with Willie, nursed Boonie, and etc. etc. etc.!!! Absolutely AMAZING!!!

  3. Dylan, dear one....I LOVE YOUR BLOG. That being said...I do smell the sage, hear the clouds...the desert transmits a very reverberating wavelength. You become a part of it.

    I totally agree with your bring joy to the air waves. Silas is doing this exact thing up in Seattle. I am involved with a number of tutes myself...just finished a laptop cover which is pretty cool...on to the Amish ball tute which I will send you.

    I think your sewing skills are way past beginner stage, girl! I've been sewing for almost 50 years and you are impressing the selvedges out of me! I am thrilled to have that zipper tute, btw...



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