Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back to Our Roots

Disclaimer: this post is completely being ripped off from the Pioneer Woman's blog. Not even a little. Completely. But its so cool and important and exciting I'm just going to do it and swallow my pride over the fact that I was bragging on how she talked about Pacifica Perfumes after I did. This is even cooler than perfume.

Yesterday she blogged about English From the Roots Up (among other great stuff) in her homeschooling section:

They are these fantastic little flash cards that have Greek and Latin roots on one side, and on the flip side contain the english meaning and examples of english words on them. So for example the Greek root is "hydros" and the latin root is "aqua" then on the back of each card is the meaning, "water", and several english words containing the root: hydrophobia, aquatic, etc. along with definitions! Visit the link above for some great photos of them.

She reports that her kids are able to absorb this stuff as young as five, so this will definitely be a purchase in my near future. I doubt many elementary schools are teaching Greek and Latin anymore. I do know that the one trimester stint of exposure I had to these languages in middle school has stuck with me all 21 years since (bits and pieces at least). It is such a great investigative tool to have, whether learning a new language, reading scientific texts, or trying really hard to impress people you watch Jeopardy with.

I'm psyched that there is something so user friendly out there that I can use to smarten up my little ones! Thanks P-Dub!

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