Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Muse

Had some time off this weekend and tried taking some pictures of the Earthbound shirt with my camera set on manual instead of auto. And indoors with diffuse light. I think they look pretty good - touched them up on picnik - I feel like the color of the shirt looks much more true to life than it does in the outdoor picture I took.

I also feel like my model is one super hunka hunka burnin baby love. He was completely professional throughout the whole shoot. Aside from that drool part. I think I'll be learning how to photoshop that out on my photoshop-like bing program I hope to download NEXT weekend.

The drool leads me to my next topic - BOONE GOTS TEETH!!! Two little reverse bunny teeth coming up from the bottom. He was being kinda fussy so I kept trying to give him his binky and he kept avoiding it. Finally he grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go "Mother! Pay attention!" He guided my finger very gently right on to his toofers. I gasped and tears welled up and I just can't handle this growing up stuff.

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