Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gift Giving Tip

I'm having a cashmere moment here lately. I never had cashmere moments before because I really couldn't afford it. And I didn't know much about cashmere besides the fact that it's really soft and that there are different levels of quality. The level I could afford didn't seem really worth my time, so I figured cashmere was for a later time in life.

Then I saw a lovely sweater on sale at Garnet Hill. Still out of my price range, but close enough that I sneaked a peak and read some reviews and found out that their quality is quite high. Then it dawned on me to check ebay, and lo and behold it's a holy land of Garnet Hill cashmere in my price range!

I lost the first sweater I bid on - it went for $17 and I kicked myself. But I won the last two, one for $20, and one with a matching color shirt from Boden for $35. The one in the picture I have posted above is currently at $3, $6 shipping, and has 3 days to go. Here's a link to what I believe is the same thing on Garnet Hill, and their fancier photo:

They are so soft and light as a feather to wear, but nice and cozy at the same time.

This may or may not be a subconscious hint to family members who may or may not be reading this post, urging them to check ebay for Garnet Hill cashmere in size L with me in mind on holidays (I try not to look too deep into my subconsciousness these days), but it eked by on my "if I didn't know me would I really care to read about this" scale, though that scale is very forgiving you may have noticed... anyway, whatever, I'm posting it, and hope it helps you in finding a simultaneously luxurious and budget-conscious gift for the not-averse-to-second-hand cashmere lover in your life.
Good day to you.


  1. I love cashmere and definitely can't afford it. I often drool at the 'ol Boden catalog and just wish. Then again, never thought of Ebay. Thanks for the tip! Have a great evening!

  2. when i was working in the corporate world and could afford it as a single gal in the city, i got a few cashmere sweaters from j.crew and felt like such a big girl, haha. LOVE Boden though and often wait for their great sales.


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