Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This Is Me Today:

Except I have more teeth, and I'm crying because a whole row or two of them hurt. Badly. The last time this happened, I stepped off of a C-141 onto the frozen sea in Antarctica and my head exploded. Or felt like it did, I'm not sure. I went on to numerous novacaine injections, hysterical tearful breakdowns, temporary crowns, and more novacaine, mercifully followed by 10 years of relative dental peace.
My dentist can't see me until tomorrow at 8:30am. So I am going live the next several hours in fear, praying that A) he finds something, and B) that whatever he finds is a simple and painless and cheap fix. Experience has shown me this is very rarely the case with all things dental.
I'll be sure to let you know how everything turns out.

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  1. ouch, that does not sound good...i hope you feel better soon and that it does not end up leaving your wallet hurting instead!


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