Monday, March 15, 2010

What I Do On Weekends Without Internet

Our internet was down this weekend. It was painful, but I got SO MUCH done! I crafted and cleaned and photographed and nursed a small child...all the while drafting blog posts in the back of my head. So it was like life before the internet, except with an imaginary following who actually care to read about what it is I'm doing and how it is I feel about these things I'm doing. It's strange.

Anyhow, here are some of the fruits of my labor (pictures have not been edited so the lighting's a touch off - my apologies)

This is my earthbound shirt with earthbound split into two words - I think I like it better. It also fits on the 0-3 month Ts better. It has the same wing pattern on the back as the first earthbound tshirt:And, drumroll please, I will introduce my new design, for the early rising set:

I love it. My neighbor loved it too, she bought one for her new nephew!

So I finished these shirts and thought, hmm, what now? Well, after my success with printing out my own labels, I began to think about all the other things that could be printed onto muslin...including the picture of my boys that I converted via photobucket into a line drawing.

I printed it right up and then took it a step farther with some fabric and a pillow insert I had stashed, said a quick prayer to the sewing machine gods and made my Mom's birthday present (sorry if you're reading, Mom, I couldn't wait til April to post about it, so um...surprise! Happy Birthday!):

then there's the really beautiful design my dad had made up as a logo for a radio show he used to do back in the day....took IT a step further with more fabric laying around, a zipper from goodwill, and....(surprise, Mom, happy Mother's Day!):

I indulged my water obsession a bit on this one, and may have made it more to my taste than my Mom's, but that's just artistic license I guess. Mom'll love it I'm sure. I think I may have finally overcome my fear of the sewing machine. It works a dream, and my dreamy husband seems to be able to fix any minor problems I run into. I can't believe I just let it sit for so long, believing it an infernal devil machine. Guess I just had to grow into it.


  1. I like this one better with the two lines. Rowdy called and asked me to look. I love the pillow!

  2. Oh yeah, Desi, I should have credited you as the wonderful photographer! It's a great picture.


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