Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Does Anybody Else Think This Is Really Cool?

I got to go to a yardsale this weekend! I never get to go because it is just such a huge time investment, the finding them and the parking and the getting out and the rummaging, and you can never be sure what you're gonna get. I typically satisfy my second hand cravings with a trip to Goodwill. We have the best Goodwill. It's pricier than most thrift stores, but its so nicely organized and its a good cause at the end of the day so I don't usually mind. This weekend I got to go because this sale advertised a huge collection of curtain rods, which I was in the market for. I dream of the day I can go yard saling on a routine basis, because THAT is where the true gems live.
Kind of like this nifty old suitcase. Obviously it's seen better days, but I think it has such character, and it is in excellent structural condition. Its Oshkosh brand, an American company that started up in the 20's from what I can tell from my online research. The older lady that sold it to me said it had been her mother in law's. She was a tad sentimental, said she had never known her mother in law to be without this suitcase. I paid her my $1 for it and promised to take good care of it.
I'm thinking it will be storage for now, but someday I will integrate it into some sort of interior decorating scheme. I'm thinking maybe a stack of vintage suitcases which can hold books and also be used as a little end table - something like that


  1. Hello Dylan,
    I was just on your etsy shop and I adore your 'dawn patrol' t-shirt! It is so cute and funny! I figure I visit your blog and I am so curious of how you add the "MY ETSY SHOP" On your layout. I also use blogger and would love to have one of those in my blog. Can you please help?

    Thank you, and I hope everything goes well with your new venture on etsy - I am about to start here in a week or two, so excited!!!

  2. Hahaa... I think I just figured it out. I have always wondered what RSS feeds are all about... I think I am starting to get it... Better late than never ;)

  3. Hi Helena! Thanks for visiting my shop, glad you like the dawn patrol shirt! To add your shop to your blog, log in to etsy, then go to "your etsy" up at the top. Then down along the left column there is an option for "Etsy Mini" it will walk you through how to set up what you want it to look like, then you copy the html code from below. Then go to your blogger customize and click on "add a gadget" wherever you want it. I think then you choose "html" from a list and you paste the code there. Then it should show up. Good luck and welcome to a fellow newbie! :-)

  4. You probably know more than me at this point then. I still am not sure what RSS feeds are all about :-)

  5. I love that suitcase! I would totally use it for storage and stack it up with some other cases or old wooden crates or something! My kind of thing! But then again, I have an antique wheelchair in my bedroom and an antique barber chair in my basement, so I may not be the best judge

  6. Thank you! I just took the etsy mini tour... looks great!


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