Friday, February 12, 2010

The blogging begins again

This is blogging attempt #2. I have another one out there in the internet ether. The inspiration for the blog is gone, the password forgotten. I've left it to drift off like that astronaut in the movie 2010. Onward and upward.

First let me say this: I am a word waster. I waste words. I start talking and the ideas branch and spiral away and I chase the most coherent idea until it dead ends and I have no idea how I got started on the topic or where I am going with it. Often I look up to see my husband the word hoarder (as many men are) blinking wordlessly at me like an irritated owl. I blush and look away. He turns his attention back to the TV or his hunting magazine, and we move on. Ten years we've been together, and this is what works. I will try to stay on topic here in my fancy new blog, but I can't promise anything. If you've come for concise, maximum expression with minimum words, you are barking up the wrong blog. If you are up for a bit of stream of consciousness tomfoolery and misused punctuation, you, my friend, have come to the right place!

I came to be an upstart blogger because I recently opened a store on etsy. Browsing through the etsy forums, you will learn that a blog is a great way to get your product seen. I currently have no product in my store, but I will soon, and hey, I'll blog about it!

I came to have a store on etsy because I needed some passion in my life. I work for "The Man", a government agency, and as in many government agencies, there's not a lot of heart to my job. I work in a tiny office, 72 hours a week currently, performing tasks that I suppose are necessary, but perhaps more well suited to the Rainman. Obviously, in this economy I'm blessed to be sitting at any desk, doing any tasks, but I have to admit my heart is not really in it. I do the best I can. Here's what I am passionate about: my kids! Who would've guessed? So a few weeks ago I made my baby, my sweet angel boy, a freezer paper stencil tshirt that said "earthbound" on the front and had angel wings on the back. It was so cute I just knew every mom would want one for their own baby, so I opened a store on etsy ( to sell it.

Here is my sweet little prototype:

I got on the etsy forum and was immediately confronted by the horror about to come down on hand crafters in the form of the CPSIA and was depressed about it for an hour or two. Then I got to researching, and plunged headlong into figuring out what I needed to do to get my (super safe by the way) product posted in the most legal way possible. I surprised myself by actually enjoying the tedious investigation that went into tracking down safe suppliers and materials. Currently I am wading through more minutiae: shipping issues, copyright issues, tax issues, labeling issues....this is no joke people!

Every step of the way I have found more inspiration, more tshirt ideas, knitting ideas, upcycling ideas! I'm thrilled and excited....and I have no idea if it will pan out. But I'm not certain that it matters. Good feedback will be a thrill I can't even contemplate. Bad feedback will be a blow. Mostly because if the stuff doesn't sell, I can't afford to keep making it. My boys can only wear so much of my clothes, my already overburdend couch can only hold so many throws. My creative bug would certainly suffer. But right here, right now, I am excited. And I know that however things happen, that is how they are supposed to happen. Because I am just zen like that. I know you aren't there right now, my soon to be followers, but you will be, and I welcome you to join me as my little drama unfolds, right here, many many words at a time!


  1. I'm here, I'm here- a follower :-) Keep posting, and I'll keep reading- deal? Congratulations on your new creative endeavor, I'm rooting for you- you can do it! All my Best, Emily

  2. Thanks Emily!!!! This is so exciting. You are my first milestone, you'll be forever in my heart :-)


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