Friday, February 19, 2010


The Rob Base "It Takes Two" song came on TV today, morphed into, I believe, an insurance jingle. I ran with it though and spit some mad lyrics at my 4 year old who covered his ears and said "That's too loud!" Kids these days.

So, I think I might be a hypocrite. I have high standards of parents and how we should teach our kids to enjoy the simple things in life, the things that matter. We should also emphasize to them the importance of fresh, healthy, organic meals. We should never let a television be a substitute for quality time spent with human beings. All that stuff. Well, here's Willie on our way to school this morning:

Yes, that's Starbucks. And yes, that's a DVD player he's staring at. Ahem. In my defense I told them HALF THE CHOCOLATE in his hot chocolate; and he's watching a National Geographic DVD. Do I get partial credit?

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  1. Ok - here your poppa and I are, checking this "post" - your Dad says ,"OK - you get partial credit - only partial!!"

    My personal opinion is that dragging the poor little half asleep guy out of bed, getting him dressed and off to day care - AT LEAST!!! - deserves a hot chocolate at Starbucks!!! Kudos to you and to Willie! Hope you both have a happy day!

    yur mum


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