Friday, February 19, 2010


It came, it came! The yarn has arrived!
It's gorgeous! You should feel this stuff. It has this subtle sheen to it and the touch, oh the touch, it is soooooo soft and yummy. I hope I can do it justice. I just finished the crotch gusset on my practice pair and, I don't know. I'm not loving it. But I think that's b/c the pattern I'm using only calls for like 4 increased stitches so its just a tiny little gusset and I think I like big meaty ones. She does say if you like them wider to start increasing earlier, so I think I can adjust it. Its a great pattern, its more like a guideline for knitting longies, no specific pattern requirements. Here's a link for those of you who are curious: hmm, maybe you have to be registered at, but if you're interested in the pattern, you should be anyways, its a great site for knitters. Anyhow, I cannot wait to get started on this knew yarn. It's all I can do to finish my practice pair and see if I can actually get it done.

Printed the "earthbound" on to my first shirt last night. I'm a tad disappointed. It's hard to get just the right pressure so that the letters don't blur or get chubby....but it's not terrible. Its the one I'm hoping to use for my etsy listing pictures, so hopefully it will photograph well. It didn't print perfectly, but doing it by hand, I can't really expect it to print perfectly everytime and neither can customers, so I really have to love it or leave it and have them printed by a printer, and that just doesn't seem "handmade" to me, though it does qualify as far as etsy is concerned since it's my own artwork. Anyway, I'm going to get some more opinions and see - I'll try to remember to post pictures tonight if I'm not knitting away like a madwoman, and see what you my blog followers think ;-)

OK, off to slather myself in some pacifica perfume and oh, one more post for you about an etsy purchase I made yesterday.

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