Friday, February 19, 2010

The Wish Bunny

Isn't she adorable? She's a little wish bunny on a scrabble tile covered with some sort of glass like resin. There are other bunnies too, one with its little nose sniffing a pretty flower, a pirate bunny, a bunny on its back playing with a butterfly. So stinking cute. And only $12.50 with shipping. The lady that makes them is from Ontario and has a shop on etsy: I saw this little bunny in her avatar on the etsy forum and had to have it.

I spent most, well all and then some, of my "poor me for working so much I think I should buy myself a treat" money on supplies for the tshirts and knitting, but I decided $12.50 isn't so extravagant as to require I pass up a sweet little bunny pendant, so I bought it.

I'm aware that it is this type of thinking that has kept me firmly in the "I don't have enough savings to keep me going for 6 months in case of a disaster" category. I'm working on that along with the eating healthy and exercising thing.

1 comment:

  1. Hi there sweet little pea of a daughter.

    I love your little bunny pendant and, no, twelve fifty is not a huge amount of money and won't cause you to fry in hell.

    love, hugs, kisses,

    yo momma

    P.S. I am showing yo poppa how to communicate with you on your blog, so you can expect great things from him in the very near future!!


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