Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yesterday at 3:50pm an email was sent out asking us to dress professionally for work today since the interim finance committee is meeting today and there will be bigwigs in attendance. I got that email today at 8am. Mind you I work in a bat cave of sorts and would only be seen by a bigwig should said bigwig happen to get lost in a very un-interesting wing of the building. This is very unlikely as bigwigs don't tend to get lost and especially don't tend to get lost in boring parts of the building. Lost out on the lawn accidentally getting airtime on the news? Possible. Lost in the legal division, spying on proofreaders in peasant rags? Laughable. So here is what I looked like:
Then I called up my dear hubby, walked him through my closet over the phone "now look to your left, on the pants hanger there are some black pants....what does the label say? Banana Republic, bingo, grab those pants. Now up in the sweaters, 2nd pile, about half way down, do you see the slate blue, I mean bluish gray sweater...grab it"....and now this is what I look like:

Now I can go join Rowdy for lunch at the deli and not be inappropriate. By the way, I called - he's bringing the lint roller with him.

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