Friday, February 12, 2010

I keep smelling myself...

This probably violates some cool blogger code, this blogging for the third time in perhaps as many hours, but what can I say? I'm not cool, and this is my first day. There you have it. I just want to share a product I have basically been rolling in for the last few weeks since I bought it. Pacifica solid perfumes ( This is obviously no paid advertisement, check my number of followers, they'd be wasting their money, I just truly love this stuff. I'm not a perfume kind of girl either, typically they make me nauseous. These never get old...unless I'm pregnant and that goes without saying. They do wear off after a few hours, but that's OK with me, it leaves me wanting more! I am currently alternating between Nerola Orange Spice, Tibetan Mountain Temple (has its own facebook fan page!), and Tahitian Gardenia. They come in beautiful little tins, perfect for carrying in a pocket or purse, adorable for gift giving. They're made of all natural goodness, and they cost about $10.
AAAHHH! Two followers since I started my post! I'm not all alone anymore! I love you etsy people!

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  1. well goodness - your posts are so hilarious the cat glared at me for laughing out loud (I guess I shd call it lol). But I always thought that meant li'l old lady. the chucky cheese b-day party that you're not invited to sounds great. ask wee dee if I'M invited. You can stay home with the animals. Love you lots, mommy2


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