Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Wonderful World of Food!!!

I had settled in at work last night for a long, long evening. The night before we left at 11pm, so I figured it would be the same or worse last night. At 5:30pm we got the most pleasant surprise of all - we got sent home!!! This just doesn't happen during a session, so I was floating on air when I got home with even a tiny bit of twilight left.
When I walked in the house, this was the scene that awaited me:
Rowdy and Willie doing dishes, Boonie nukking away in the exersaucer.
It just doesn't get much more heartwarming than this, folks!!! Sigh.
The best part is that it was Boone's 6 month and one day birthday, which means....drumroll please....
We didn't do it on his 6 month birthday as I was at work and this was NOT going to go down without Mama in attendance.
We are doing baby led weaning (, which basically means no purees, no nothing involving FEEDING baby. Baby feeds himself. I'm really excited about it and can already see how this is going to be a wonderful experience. We just put small samples of whatever we are eating onto his plate and he goes to town. Stick shapes are best, so he can grasp in his fist and chew on the end that sticks out. However, anything is fair game (minus some obvious choking hazards like grapes).
For his first meal, Boone enjoyed a healthy hunk of Elk steak, spinach, corn, and wild rice:

He enjoyed the heck out of the Elk Steak especially.

The rest he mostly smeared around and wore. But what a great way to get that tactile experience and develop his hand eye coordination. I am super stoked on baby led weaning so far. It was a blast watching him.

Big brother got in the game, hamming it up for the camera, but Boone was pretty focused on the task at hand.

My pumping days aren't over, as he will continue to get most of his nutrition from breast milk. He still pretty much ejects anything solid that gets past his lips, so we have a while til he starts consuming. Right now it's just a getting to know food stage. Sigh my boy's growing up.

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