Friday, February 12, 2010

Store status

So I think I'm going to link my blog to my etsy store now so anybody stumbling onto my empty storefront can come here and get an idea of where I'm at in terms of product development. Currently.....I'm getting there. For my earthbound shirt, which will be somewhat of my signature piece, I have accomplished the following:

- purchased shirts. from a Hawaii based company called the Kokobean Shop ( They have been wonderful, the shirts are beautiful. I have 12 of the natural color organic long sleeve lap Ts, and 12 of the smoke blue organic short sleeve lap Ts. I am so happy with them, and almost afraid to decorate them. Absolutely pleased with their product.

- purchased ink. matsui enviroline ink in black. got great response when I contacted them for documentation of their CPSIA compliance. I tested them out on my screens on Wednesday and am very happy with the results. Tonight I will do a wash test.
- made screen stencils. Tested these with the ink on Wednesday and they turned out well..I used all caps on the "earthbound" and think I might be true to my original and stick with all lower case - will hopefully get to test that this weekend after the previously mentioned wash test. So that means tonight I need to make a lowercase screen (I'll have to explain this process at some point - very neat, but takes a while to explain...maybe I'll just post a link to an already existing online tutorial....)
- ordered labels. organic cotton ones from this etsy seller: I love her, I've written in a panic a few times with changes and she hasn't blinked an eyelash. They should be in the mail.
- finalized a stamp design. this will be used for my business card, which I cam going to cut out of food packaging card stock weight boxes - I'm really excited about this upcycling project - saves the boxes from the landfill and saves me some $!

For my other projects:

- ordered yarn. this idea was born just the night before last as I was finishing some pants I started way too long ago for Boone (my baby). These pants are simple to knit and super cute on. I visited and found some beautiful cotton/modal and organic cotton yarn that will make some to-die-for baby britches. I ordered it up and hopefully can get those started next week - I have some pattern making to do and lots of ideas! I didnt order any wool, so I'm feeling like I'm letting all my cloth diaper mamas down, but it'll happen soon. I'm on a limited budget for now and the cotton colors just got me all a-flutter, so they got ordered first. Slap on an AIO, cloth diapering mamas, and you'll be good to go!

So that is the current state of I have lots of to dos, but lets focus on the accomplishments for now, shall we? In fact I should be calling the tax board right now, and deciding on if I'm going to stick with just "earthbound" shirts to start, or work in some of my other ideas, and seeing if I have the right needles, and working on getting some organic thread, and......

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