Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snug Organics, the Etsy Shop That Rocked My Morning

Oh, my, lord. I need I want I CRAVE these jammies for my boys. Made by Snug Organics http://www.snugorganics.etsy.com/ They are perfect in every way.

Actually, this shop is perfect in every way. Simple. They only sell these jammies.
The colors!!!! They're all that lovely natural color but with punches of color on the cuffs.
The shop name just says it all - snug. And how!
Oh, it hurts!!!!

So far I've resisted hitting the "place order" button on these $48 gems. But I'm close. I almost did it but diverted and bought a bag of their scrap cotton instead. Maybe that will tide me over til sanity kicks in. I don't know though. If I'm stuck here at work til the middle of the night again, my trigger finger gets itchy and things happen!

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