Sunday, February 21, 2010

What the heck? It's winter time!

That's what Willie said this morning when he looked out the window and saw this:
The weather man called for a little snow and rain, which usually means it'll spit a little and stay brown, but wow! I think we probably got a couple of feet! Steven and Mindy were trapped in their house! Trapped I say!

When Steven saw us, he took the plunge and came to beg: look at that grin!

How can you not just stuff that grin full of ritz crackers and leaves and handfuls of grain? Oh my goodness I love goats!
Anyway, guess Winter's around for a while longer, that dumb groundhog was right.


  1. oh no, oh no - the dreaded, horrible, "battle of the bulge!" I know the most irritating words in the world are "here is what seems to work for me," but you are my little girl and I can't stand to see you suffer. (By the way - the absolute worst thing about having babies is having them grow up and then have some problem - little or big - that causes them to be sad or unhappy) - anyway - cut out carbs - period. Everything white. I tell you - carbs are an addiction - as bad as smoking cigarettes - once you have gone "cold turkey" for a while, the craving for white stuff lessens and, even though the weight loss (for me at least) didn't show up for months and months (I had a pretty intractable case of plump), it gets easier and easier (it has been ten years for me and the 40 pounds I lost, I have kept off). That's all I'll say on the matter.

    yur mum

  2. Oh - I want to add that these two little boys are the most wonderful, adorable, special people in the world. I think your new method of Boone eating regular food is very very exciting and I await each movement forward with great anticipation! Willie and Rowdy doing dishes with Boone traipsing around the kitchen, watching them is a great picture!! Thank you for doing this, because we are so far away and this way we can kind of keep abreast of what they are doing. We have lots of fun quoting one thing or another to each other and having a warm chuckle about it!!

    your momma and poppa


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