Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Photo Editing with Picnik

A few posts ago I put up a picture of my first Earthbound Baby shirt and mentioned how I was not happy with the quality of the photo.
Well, a quick internet search turned up a free photo editing website. You don't even have to register!
I don't know if it's quite as powerful as photoshop or anything, but it's easy to use and I think it made a huge improvement in my picture.
I'll have to do some reading up on my camera and its various settings because I still feel the shirt color isn't conveyed properly, but all in all I'm pretty impressed with the before and after, what do you think?

Several days later now, and I'm looking at this and thinking "nah, it still stinks". So I dont' think has what I need. Next step when I get some time will be to try out Bing. It's a free download that apparently has most of the capabilities of photoshop. I keep you posted!

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